Quality Kentucky Bluegrass

Duck Lake Turf Farm is located in Wynndel, BC, in the Creston Valley.
Phone Number: 1-250-402-9258

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Serving the East and West Kootenays for your turf needs.

Our phone number is 250-402-9258.
Please call ahead to find out the sod field location for turf pick up. 

If we can't get to the phone to answer your call, please leave a message.

Our mailing address is:
1725 Duck Lake Rd, Wynndel, BC  V0B 2N1
Additional Details:
  • The sod is cut in 2ft x 5ft pieces for a square footage of 10sq ft per piece.
  • A full pallet of sod is 700sq ft with an average weight of 2500LBS.
  • 3-6 inches of soil is recommended for ground preparation, remove any rocks, weeds and gravel.
  • New sod requires twice a day watering and an average of 4-5 inches of water per week. Sometimes more sometimes less depending on soil drainage.
  • Mature sod only requires weekly watering of 1-2inches per week.
  • The sod mixture is 80% Kentucky Blue grass, 20% Creeping Red Fescue. 
  • Sod prefers full sun but will tolerate shade, but must see at least 5-6hrs of sun at a minimum.
  • It is highly recommended to avoid installing sod during heatwaves or during severe water restrictions. 
  • When ordering for pick up, be sure to place your order at least one day in advance. Please have your square footage ready. (Length x width)
  • There is no physical office for sod loading. When arriving for sod pick up, proceed to the correct numbered field. For assistance please call: 250-402-9258
  • Delivery is not available for residential orders less than 8000sq ft minimum.
  • We do not harvest sod on rainy days or when the ground is fully saturated.
  • Our season generally starts May 1st and concludes in early November.
  • We do not accept credit or debit cards. Cash, Cheques or E-transfers only.
  • Pick up hours are 9AM-5PM. We are closed on Sundays.

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